About Us

About us

KNKA Management, and Consulting, established popular players that are working with the highest level of football . FIFA license manager Ceyhan Hocaoğlu' KNKA  with a team of professionals working to achieve success in demanding tactical environments and field service of international standard football outside.

Representative players in the field who are successful to support the athletes career plans while technical, sporting and helps to progress with firm steps in the legal field.
The KNKA  LTD. Manager and FIFA Licensed Ceyhun Hocaoglu Hajiyev, strengthens Europe and for all the relationships created by the world's leading years of experience in football country athletes quickly represented by advancing to go beyond the country's borders continue to work with all the power and the existing institutional structure.

KNKA’s goal is to create the right environment for our clients to perform to the best of their abilities and to receive the full rewards for their sporting success.We do this by helping clients to build strong and valuable brand awareness through carefully selected strategic partnerships and programme management. 
Building on our core qualities, football knowledge and experience we have developed a reputation for dealing with our clients’ needs and the demands of a modern day sportsman. With a global network of established industry contacts and a dedicated management team, KNKA' clients significantly benefit, thus improving their career pattern and earning capacity.

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